The To-Do App for Bookmarks

Add bookmarks. Categorize them. Check them off. Done!

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Say Goodbye to Long Bookmark Lists

With DoMarks you turn any URL or link into a to-do item. Gone are the days of adding yet another bookmark to your browser. Add it to DoMarks, give it an action, and turn your bookmarks into a list you can work through. Welcome to the new age of productivity!

Cross Platform

Whether you're working on your iPhone or your iMac, manage your Marks on the device you need. Marks automatically sync via iCloud, so you don't need to sign in to get the latest.

Turn Any Link Into A To-Do

Whether it is a video or blog link, turn it into a to-do item that you can get back to. Categorize it how you want, first with an action to perform, and then tags that help you make specific lists of items to accomplish.


Add context to your Marks by assigning an action to it. Easily build a list of videos to watch, articles to read, or podcasts to listen to later.

Drag and Drop

On macOS and iPadOS, drag and drop gives you a whole new level of productivity. Drag a link into a list to create a new mark, or drag it onto an action or tag to quickly catagorize your new item. And you can just as easily organize your existing marks with your actions and tags.

Clean Up Tabs

Are your Safari tabs your reminder list? Use the Safari Extension in macOS to quickly and easily turn your open tabs into workable items in DoMarks!